Decades Ahead Of Its Time!

Jules Verne predicted it as being commonplace for Paris in the 1950s. Well, a quarter of a century earlier, we finally have the technology to do it.

A Century In The Making!

Our technology has existed since 1836, and has been enjoyed by royalty and the stock exchanges since the 1850s…and yet this technology has not yet come to you! For shame.

Mere Moments Of Waiting!

Imagine…at the push of a button: your meal delivered to you. A message sent between friends in California and Vermont. Or an afternoon’s vacation to Venice chosen at a whim from Florida.

PneumatiCorp Connects Us To The Future!

Do you believe in progress? Do you detest packages being lost in the mail? Are you willing to commute to work through a pneumatic tube? If so, then consider a future working with PneumatiCorp!

Within the next three decades, PneumatiCorp will change the face of our nation, and by 1964…a mere four decades from this time…we believe that we will have completed our construction of a series of our patented Capsule Pipelines beneath the ocean, connecting all the world’s major ports! And in these great united states, still recovering from The Great War, we believe that we can see a future of prosperity and togetherness!

If you fancy a stroll to England to see the Crystal Palace (a place where our technology is well known) then just head to your nearest PneumatiCorp Depo, send a quick telegram to make your necessary reservations, and arrive shortly after (but do remember that they are five to eight hours ahead of us depending on your time zone, so plan accordingly.) Your vacation is already at the ready for little cost, little preparation, and little need to ask someone to watch the kids for more than a few hours!

Invest now in PneumatiCorp! Or if you want to play a direct role in shaping the future, inquire at our San Francisco offices to learn how you can join our bold venture and bring the dream of Verne to life!


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